The Koopaseum (Mario & Luigi)

The ominous Koopaseum from M&L: Partners in Time

The Koopaseum (Mario & Luigi)
I was a lot of hard work, but eventually I got the scrolling screens to match up and found some fitting sound effects. This is by far my favorite theme I've done yet!

The Koopaseum is an area found during Mario and Luigi's adventure in the past while exploring Gritzy Desert. The Shroobs, an alien race currently occupying the place, hosted an event here where Princess Peach was dropped right into Petey Piranha's mouth! Upon witnessing this, the Mario (and Baby Mario) Bros. end up following her into the Gritzy Caves, where they later end up finding Peach. At least, that's what they think...

As always, if you're interested in more themes from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, let me know in the comments :)
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Koopaseum - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

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HyperChris2579 Great Job! Please Do Star Hill (PiT) Next!
28 days ago

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