Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this site?

This is a site for uploading, sharing and downoading themes, splashes and badges on your Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, New Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems with access to either homebrew or CFW access.

Q: How do I use this site then and what are the QR codes for?

You can use Anemone to download themes and splashes directy to your console using the QR codes on the item page. You could also directly download the zip file and place it in your `themes` or `splashes` folder on the root of your SD card.

Q: I uploaded something and it's awaiting approval, how do I get accepted?

When you first start uploading things to the site, a site admin has to approve your items for content control.

No, we do not know when your theme will be approved and no asking will not make it go faster.

If you upload 5 items and they all get accepted, you are given a 'Verified' role and then when you upload, they will be accepted automatically.

If one of your items is rejected, your approved role will be removed and you will have to upload 5 more items to get accepted again.

Theme Plaza reserves the right to reject your theme for any reason, including but not limited to breaches of our Terms of Service.

Q: What limits are there to what I can upload to the site?

We currently don't accept the following

  • Official themes made by Nintendo
  • Loli/shota/other CP content
  • Images containing real life people, the exemptions to this rule are if the person is famous (celebrity, an internet personality; JonTron for example or a general *star that's otherwise widely known) or is in a stock image

We will reject these if you upload them.

We may take down your theme if another user reports that you have stolen it. If we do so, you will lose your Verified status (as we cannot trust you won't do it again). We will do this at our discretion, and it may be appealed.

Please bear in mind that if you constantly violate the upload rules/ToS, it can/will result in your account being terminated and all uploaded content being deleted.

Q: How do I use the search?

Theme Pizza has a rich search engine with many commands that may not be immediately apparent. to use them, type them in the search bar, followed by your query. The commands are:

  • NSFW:[all/safe/sketchy/nsfw]
  • Tag:[tag name]
  • User:[username]
  • Quotation marks around a search for exact results.

Q: How can I change my avatar?

We use a site called Gravatar to handle our avatars.
Simply register on there with the same email you used on ThemePlaza and upload your avatar!

Q: Who do I contact to report abuse (rights infringement, abusive comments, etc.)?

If somebody has done one of the below, use the 'Report Content' button on the content in question:

  • Reuploaded your theme with very minor edits
  • Uploaded an official theme acquired from the Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop
  • Infringed upon your copyright in general, e.g. used your music or imagery in a way that violates your rights as copyright holder
If somebody has done something to you that you do not feel is remedied by reporting the content, please join our Discord (link in header).

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